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Why I love your wedding photographs 

This photograph is taken from Elisa & Mick’s intimate and very personal wedding at Great John Street Hotel in Manchester city centre. This wedding was definitely one of my favourites to photograph. It was a very family orientated wedding which was so nice. They had their wedding ceremony on the roof top lounge at Great John Street Hotel before coming down to the Oyster Bar for a very playful afternoon tea.

Elisa and Mick wanted to get the many children at the wedding involved as much as possible so they had a massive confetti throwing session outside the front of the hotel. It was so much fun. Masses of confetti everywhere, it was like a snow storm. All the confetti slowly fell to the floor from the packets and boxes, with no wind it left quite a sum. The smaller boys and girls soon realised this and began collecting the flakes as if they were on the crystal maze.

All loaded up they then began to have a real confetti fight with one another. Amongst them all I noticed a smaller girl (centre photo) probably aged around 3 just stood watching them all. Far enough back not to get caught up but close enough to watch. I love this photograph so much because of the wonder in her eyes. I watched and waited clicking a number of frames until I had a clear gap through the confetti attack. The older children were running from side to side hurling the confetti at each other.

From a photographers point of view I like the framing of the smaller child. She is not only centre frame but has clear spacing around her, which is good considering the about of movement within the image. I like that there is a lot going on within the photograph to yet it’s all relevant. You can see most of them have hands full of confetti and you can see the excitement on all their faces.

Children all throwing confetti in the street during a wedding at Great John Street

For Photographers;

  • Canon 35mm 1.4
  • ISO: 400
  • Shutter: 1/1250
  • Aperture: f5.6
  • Flash: Not fired
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