“If you find a job you love you’ll never work day in your life.”

That’s a quote up there that I’m sure you’ll have heard of. I actually feel like it’s quite true. I’d like to think that every photographer loves taking pictures, or most do. One of the most statements you have thrown at you is “ You have the BEST job!” Yes I do! It’s not the best job in the world for everyone though but it’s definitely the BEST job for me! I absolutely LOVE capturing memories with my camera. It’s something that almost becomes second nature after a while. 
In this photo is my friend Danielle, she’s ACE! We met at high school around the age of 11 playing all the team sports school had to offer! Both addicted to sports we competed in numerous events and even a Triathlon together the same year Danielle got married to her soul mate Smudge. In the past couple of years I have subconsciously documented some big moments and some little moments in their family life, anything from an epic 3 day wedding to random dog walks day trips, pumpkin carving and pancake making. It’s second nature to me to take pictures, in whatever means possible. 
Then a year ago I was given the opportunity to photograph Danielle’s birth to her second baby George. Something I feel honoured and privileged to have witnessed, let alone document for them as a family. It was the most perfect experience, just silently listening and watching and documenting. It made me feel more passionate about the meaning of the word documentary wedding photographer. If you let natural moments unfold then the photographs will speak a thousand words for a thousand years.  
This was an absolute game changer for me and a turning point in my career as a wedding photographer. I really realised more than ever that I LOVE MY JOB! I feel so lucky that this is my job. I love taking pictures. It gives you a weird sense of power and achievement when you freeze that little moment in time. When you have the power to make a tiny little fleeting emotion last a lifetime in memories. 

Documentary Wedding Photography

It’s a posh way of saying photography that makes you feel the soul. As I love being a documentary wedding photographer it’s so important for me to capture moments as they happen. Now even more so than ever. Your wedding day is your love story. It’s up to me to document your individual moments of your wedding day so you can look back at your wedding photographs and remember how you really felt exactly in that moment.

How you felt when you slipped into your wedding dress. The emotions you held back as you walked down the aisle, the relief when you touched your partners hand when you got to the top. The excitement when you ran through all that confetti…

I hoped you liked the story behind this image. If you’d like to read more about why I love your wedding photographs you can do so by clicking here. You can also watch more videos about my favourite wedding photographs on my YouTube channel here

Please do get in touch, I’d love to know what you think. 

Toni xx

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