Elisa & Mick’s beautiful intimate wedding at Great John Street Hotel

Elisa and Mick are beautiful people inside and out. It was an absolute pleasure in so many ways to be their Great John Street Hotel wedding photographer. Their casual and intimate wedding was perfectly fitting not only to their personalities but also to the Eclectic Hotel at Great John Street in Manchester.

Toni was fantastic – people asked us if she was a friend of ours she integrated so well on the day. In particular she was fantastic with our little boy Ben (who was 5) and got some fantastic shots of him both on the wedding day and at the pre shoot at our house. Her style of photos capturing the day rather than lots of poses was exactly what we wanted and I would recommend her to anyone.” – Elisa.

Elisa spent the morning of her wedding mainly caring for everyone else. It was potentially the most emotional bridal preparations I have ever photographed. I left feeling so touched at all the kind gestures and moments I had witnessed.

It was so nice to document a morning of so many moments. I love documenting weddings in such a natural way because knowing that all the moments are so true means so much more to me, I know that it will mean so much to these guys. Elisa can look back to every image and remember how she really felt at that time. Elisa chose to get ready alongside her mum, best friend and two sisters. Elisa shared the mirror with her sisters in such a way that I imagine that’s how they were in their childhood days. The flower girls had all been whisked off in the morning for a little pamper at the nail salon before dressing in beautiful handmade dresses in matching fabric picked by Elisa herself. My absolute favourite moment from the morning was Elisa seeing herself dressed for the first time. She was genuinely shocked at how beautiful she looked, in fact I don’t think she even recognised herself. A moment that really does show inner beauty.

I remember now the moment I was greeted at Great John Street Hotel by the minion fanatic and perfect page boy Ben, what a guy! He’s up there at the top looking super cool. I think he was just about keeping Mick’s nerves at bay as they patiently waited on the roof terrace greeting all the friends and family in the September sun.

As Elisa turned the corner to walk down the aisle her son and page boy Ben ran the whole way down to greet her with the biggest hug ever. It was so nice to see such an awesome display of affection. The ceremony was so intimate and beautifully lit with the sun coming through the open terrace. The ceremony concluded with a ridiculously awesome attack of confetti.

Continuing the relaxed theme all the guests enjoyed what can only be described as the best afternoon tea in the land. Mick and Elisa, it was beyond a pleasure to be a part of your beautifully relaxed intimate wedding at Great John Street. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture so many moments I feel I will treasure too.
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