How do you find your perfect documentary wedding photographer?

I’m ridiculously passionate about the way I photograph the natural unposed moments and true emotions on a wedding day. I see photography as a gift. I have such an incredible job that I’m not only allowed to witness so many important moments, but I’m witnessing and documenting true love in every sense of the word and I’m somehow able to give you that in a form of media that you are able to keep, forever.

It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. In every day life, one that’s been a developing as I grow as a photographer. My goal is to photograph in a way that enables you to have memories that really take you back, that make you feel something when you see them. I want them to spark memories for you at the first glance. The only way to give you photographs with so much emotive power is to be there on your wedding day, in the background. To be there without being there. To document moments and natural reactions whilst being almost invisible.

Let me tell you more about why photographs mean so much to me.

My love for photography probably started way before I bought my first camera. I was absolutely obsessed with looking at old photographs. My Great Aunty Eileen would sit with me for hours explaining the stories behind every single one. The little square black and white ones , the ones with torn edges and even the colour ones that are super faded. I found it fascinating that she knew the moment behind every single one. Times change I know that. She won’t have had an iPhone with 4000 pictures stored within easy reach, but instead she had lasting, long lasting memories of so many moments that now I can treasure.

So, naturally, I asked my Grandad if he had any old photographs. He’s been in the Navy, he’s well travelled, I’ve heard all the stories many of times. One day I arrived and on the table was an box. A box of old photographs, from moments during the war, from special family holidays, family wedding days, I was in my element. I had so many questions. It was by far one of my favourite days with him. All the pictures made all the stories so so real.

Then I realised. Our photographs are our memories, but they are also our existence, our treasure. The photographs you take today or tomorrow, they are for you. Though ultimately the photographs you take, they are for your children, they are your memories.


What is a documentary wedding photographer?

What’s a documentary wedding photographer I hear you cry? Well as it sounds, I’d be there to document the story of your wedding day. This means that I wont force moments to happen or stage anything in any way. I’m not going to lie though, I may offer only a small about of direction towards some pretty light. As I would let all the moments happen naturally on your wedding day, the photographs will mean so much more to you both. They will instantly transport you back to how you felt at that exact moment. For me that’s much more important than something staged.

I love people watching. I find people fascinating. Documentary wedding photographers are essentially people watchers. By watching and waiting to capture those perfect moments not only between you but also between your guests I’ll be able to tell the complete story of your wedding day. That’s why I feel so passionate about my style of photography because it really reflects the people in the photographs.

Let’s talk about YOU. I’m there to document YOUR wedding day. Every single wedding that I’ve ever photographed has been so different in so many ways. I’ve even been at the same wedding venue days apart and been genuinely shocked at how different both weddings felt from each other. In an insanely good way.

Bridesmaids waiting to go in the church outside inn at whitewell

Capturing Moments

I love capturing moments in context. For me it makes you feel like you can live in the photograph. Let me explain. I LOVE shoes. I mean which girl doesn’t. I know girls probably spend a lot of time (and budget) on a gorgeous pair of shoes. I’ll always start the morning of the wedding taking a couple of “detail photographs” of the wedding dress, shoes and maybe jewellery. But throughout the wedding day I’ll be taking pictures so you’ll remember how it really felt to wear your favourite pair of shoes. The excitement you felt when you stepped out of the wedding car. How you really did feel nervous as your bridesmaid fastened your necklace. And how it did feel so real when you touched your veil.  This are the photographs I live and work for. These are the photographs that will mean so much more.

Why do I feel this style of photography is so important?

On your wedding day I’ll mainly be in the background blending into the walls. You probably wont even see me most of the day. I’ll be there to capture all those little tiny fleeting moments in the most discreet way possible. I don’t enter each wedding with a checklist. I don’t want to create the same photographs that I took the week before. I want to take the photographs that are personal to you! That’s why this style of photography is so important to me, because it is so real to you.

It’s my aim for you to look back at each image and remember how you felt at that exact moment in time. That way your wedding photographs will mean so much to you in the days after the wedding but also in the many years to come.

I’d love love love to share with you this little slideshow. It’s constantly updated with my favourite images from my most recent weddings. I feel as though it really reflects my style and approach to wedding photography. If you’d like to dig a little deeper you can also head on over to my blog. There you will find my most recent weddings. I love sharing little stories and snippets from the weddings I get to be a part of because each one is so perfectly unique.

If you’d like to know more about my style and approach to weddings, check my availability for your own wedding or if you’d like to meet for a coffee and maybe a cake just give me a shout. You can fire me and email to or use the contact form on my website here or give me a good old fashioned phone call on 07970109388. Toni xx

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